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I'm Sudipto Mondal
a self taught Graphic/Motion Designer and a Front-End Designer/Developer.
On a mission to make pixels beautiful-everywhere,
Proud Projects.
YouTube Playbook For Brands Series
FOR Google
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ProBackMusic Branding
FOR K-391
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SHM Shipcare Website
FOR Destylio
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Who am I?

*plays star wars theme*

It is a period of design revolution. Rebel designers and developers, striking from their work base, have won their victory against an amatuer product.

During this period, Rebel corporates/startups managed to hire secret soldier's to the their great product, a GOOD DESIGNER, who knows that design is more than just the good looks.

Pursuing these Rebels, racing to constantly improve and build up my skills, custodian of a good taste in design that can improve a product and surge users freedom of not just use but experience as well....

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Say Hello...
Now that you have made it all the way down here, come say hello, or ask me out, or collaborate with me for a project at iwant@somethingjustlikethis.com.

YouTube Playbook For Brands Series
  • Made For Google
  • My Job Animation, Design
  • Made With

Worked with Google on a 6 part series video describing how to create a YouTube strategy to help a brand stand out in today's evolving digital era. They wanted to stick with the YouTube brand theme for the video which required me to stick to YouTube colors-Red, White and Black for all the primary elements of focus like the backgrounds, texts etc.

This project had a really steep deadline, so we had to work almost day and night coming up with a storyboard concept, designing, animating, recording and sound mixing for 2 months. But at the end, when we saw the outcome and see it go live - it was all worth it!

EPISODE 1: The Content Brief

Before making videos, it is necessary to create a content brief/plan to ensure that your content both meets your brandís goals and engages your intended audience. This episode shows, what makes a great content brief.

EPISODE 2: A Content Creation Framework

A content creation framework helps to think about the different types of video content, and decide what is right for a brand and their audience.

EPISODE 3: Creative Principles

This episode explains 6 tips for making great creative videos on YouTube that the audience will watch, love, and share!

EPISODE 4: Content Optimization

A quick introduction to setting up a channel, inserting metadata, selecting a thumbnail, and creating playlists so that the videos uploaded by the brands can be optimized to ensure they'll be seen.

EPISODE 5: Content Distribution

An episode explaining how to get a video out to the target audience through owned channels, organic seeding, paid ads and search.

EPISODE 6: Measurement & Iteration

Is the message reaching the right people? Is the video content working? How can it be improved to make it more effective? This episode doesn't have the answers - but it does have advice on how to find them.

Director Esther Fang
Producer Omkar Bhagat
Script Google
Narration Haley Nelson
Storyboard & Concept Sudipto Mondal
Sound Mixing Sudipto Mondal
Music "Safety Net"
"Coffee Stains"
"Southern California"

by Riot

"Oh, My Love"
by Everet Almond

"The Creek"
by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

"The Only Girl"
by Silent Partner
ProBackMusic Branding
  • Made For K-391
  • My Job Design
  • Made With

I was approached by K-391 to create a new brand identity for ProBackMusic-a musical group of 55 talented artists who make professional background music for free use.

The branding included a new logo, cover/banners, brand color scheme and more. So to understand the brand i had to ask few questions which will explain me their ethos and also help me understand the style they are looking for.

They wanted something based on the style of old retro art and something colorful as well. So i combined both of them and came up with a branding solution which perfectly fits the retro hipster category with a bit of a modern touch.

ProBackMusic Logo
ProBackMusic Colors
ProBackMusic Typography
ProBackMusic Personals
ProBackMusic Cover 1 ProBackMusic Cover 2
SHM Shipcare Website
  • Made For Destylio
  • My Job Front-End Coding
  • Made With

I was contacted by Destylio-a digital branding company, to work on a website for SHM Group-a company dedicated to manufacturing, supplying and providing various types of shipcare services.

SHM desktop SHM laptop

Destylio had already begin working on the design of the website, they approached me to work on it as they had to take care of some other projects. I had to take care of the site from where they had left-off. They had already completed work on 3-4 pages out of 30-40 total estimated pages. So i had the chance to start the work from ground up.

SHM tablet SHM phone

I started out by creating new pages and once they were done i had to fix the layout issues on desktop, responsiveness issues and some JavaScript issues as well. There were also times where i had to scrap the entire page or a individual web component and create a new one from the start.

After a period of 2-3 months my part of the work on the site was done. Destylio took off the project to add some final touchups and reworks where it was needed, and finally it was live!

Branding Destylio
Website Design Concept Destylio